Sunday, September 16, 2012

Small update and NifSkope

Just a small update, I'm currently working with NifSkope to get Collada (dae) export working. This should help importing static 3D models.
Also with new Java terrain code can build whole main land zones again (including old frontiers), though I have resize project on-going in code side to get terrain and 3D model scaling much closer to DAoC sizes.


  1. Your work is amazing! Take a look at Daoc in this new appearance is fantastic! I think i'd pay in order to have the possibility to play this game if one day it will be possible. I really hope you will be rewarded by your followers and maybe by "others" for your work!

  2. The work you do is really nice, brings back many memories. Its also great to hear you're working to get dae exports for nifskope, I'd really love to use that feature.

  3. Hello Marko. 1st let me say that your work so far is incredible, but what is your final goal you are hoping to achieve? As a former DAoC player, I would love to see a new upgraded DAoC game. I've red that the remake of the old turned base strategy game Xcom: Enemy Unknown partially got funded by alot of fans from the old version of that game. The project to remake that game, was started on this website 2K Games / Firaxis Games accepted this project and now there's a remake of the game. Maybe this info is something to keep in mind. I know for a fact, that alot of former DAoC players would gladly donate money if such project, to remake DAoC, would be started. All that needs to be done is to inform the DAoC community, which is still very large. The word will spread fast. I for sure will keep following your progress on your blog. Best regards. Brian from Holland

  4. That looks amazing. Good job.