Saturday, July 2, 2011

Crysis 2 and DAoC terrain is here!

Editor seems to work, though some issues with screenshot functionality and detail texture sizes.

New things with Crysis 2, now supporting more detailed base texture map .. so I'm pushing whole zone (4096x4096) texture as base texture (before was 512x512 for "zone").
And this is just initial import, no other enhancements done yet .. I'm just playing/learning around with basic tools.

Also Crysis 2 is very limited with objects (trees mostly), so those are from Crysis 1 and looking bit outdated.

Anyway, here is few screenshots ...

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  1. Try a 1024x1024 and just repeat it, then just put the roads, dirt, ect. in as a decal. Or split up the geometry and use multiple maps for higher rez. A lot of the time larger .tga's are not as good as more of them, its just better for they eye.