Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ideas for screen shots and videos

If someone have ideas what you like to see in videos/screen shots, please send email to
List what I can't do/won't do currently.
- Models with animation (no skill/no tools)
- New character models (no skill/no tools)
- Cities/dungeons (too many models to convert)
- New Frontier

Also mail of any Crysis tricks to use, Crysis assets to use or just comments are welcome.

1 comment:

  1. Oh man, I would love to see the old Hibernia zone, you know, Mag Mell, Tir Na Nog (the exterior), Mardagh, Tir Na mBeo with the big lake...

    Another place I would love to see is Costwold, the little village of Albion with the entrance to Camelot. It is a really emblematic place, Mythic recreated it for Warhammer Online, it should be impressive under Cryengine 2.

    Thank you for your work mate, it is fantastic!