Sunday, September 6, 2009

3D model tool chain used to export to Crysis

1. extract package with - DAoCMPAKManager.exe
- check zones/nifs in daoc.
2. latest nifscope to open model
- add correct texture paths to daoc folders in preferences
- delete collision/climb/door objects
- fix texture names to *.tga -> *.dds if not found correctly
- check that model looks ok and then export to *.obj
3. Blender with CGF tools Link
- this is most pain to get working, installed 2 python version and manually copying modules to correct path.
- for scale I used 100x in *.obj import and 180% in *.cgf export.

I'm already testing alternative way to make those with free XSI Mod Tools instead of Blender ...

Also remember that everything is copyrighted by Mythic, so don't share those models!

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